South Korea will increase combat capabilities following a drone attack.

After the military was unable to fire down five North Korean drones that crossed the border, President Yoon Suk-yeol declared on Thursday that South Korea must improve its readiness to respond to airspace breaches.

The South Korean military sent out fighter jets and assault helicopters in response to the drone invasion on Monday, one of which flew dangerously close to Seoul, the capital.

The episode, according to Yoon, was “intolerable,” and he added that Pyongyang should “realise that provocations are always faced with terrible consequences.”

According to South Korea’s military, Pyongyang’s drones were too small for it to shoot them down on Monday.

This year, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared the North to be a “irreversible” nuclear state and stated that he intended his nation to have the most potent nuclear force in the world.

Yoon mentioned “We should send a clear warning to those who are inciting, regardless of whether the adversary has nuclear weapons or weapons of mass devastation”.

Yoon asserted that Seoul’s responses to future threats by the North would not be impacted by Pyongyang’s nuclear arsenal.