Two professional surfers were hurt while competing at Pipeline

This past weekend at Pipeline, there were both surfers and spectators for the “Da Hui Backdoor Shootout.”

Some professional surfers suffered severe injuries at one of the most well-known surf spots in the world, including one young surfer who almost lost his life. Kala Grace, a pro surfer, was pummelling by a wave as she attempted to paddle away. When he observed this, a water patrol expert leapt off of his jet ski to save Grace.

At the moment, the 24-year-old looked to be unconscious.

Lifeguards conducted CPR on him after they had rescued him from the water, reviving his respiration. Grace’s father, Willie Grace, a lifelong Waikiki Beach Boy, related his emotions while witnessing his son’s rescue.

He had a large scar both above and directly below his eye, so Grace speculated that he had likely bounced off the reef. When they brought him in, he was rather purple. According to Grace’s father, his son is getting well at Queen’s Medical Center.

Another professional surfer had a catastrophic injury just moments before Kala Grace. When Makuakai Rothman attempted to get to the surface, his knee collapsed.

“My leg was rising as my body was falling and the wave, the whitewash, was coming back up. As he waited for an MRI, Rothman remarked, “My foot was practically touching the side of my leg. For all of the love and encouragement, Rothman thanked everyone. Additionally, he requested prayers for Grace’s quick recovery.

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