Chargers’ security Derwin James was dismissed for striking Colts wide receiver Ashton Dulin in the helmet.

Super Bowl champion Nick Foles. In addition, he won MVP and turned in one of the best Super Bowl performances ever. That actually did happen.

One of the most unusual NFL careers in history belongs to Nick Foles. You wouldn’t have known from watching the Indianapolis Colts quarterback on Monday night that No. 9 had led the Eagles to their first Super Bowl victory and had one of the highest passer ratings of any quarterback in NFL history. In Philadelphia, he will always be remembered as a hero.

For the Colts, Foles wasn’t the solution. He threw three interceptions and seems completely outmatched by the lousy Los Angeles Chargers defence. With a straightforward 20-3 victory, the Chargers secured a playoff spot. After all the injuries they sustained over the season, that’s a remarkable accomplishment.

Jeff Saturday, the Colts’ interim head coach, also appears to be in over his head. He won his debut game against the Las Vegas Raiders and hasn’t had a victory since. Since he took over, the Colts have suffered several setbacks, but Monday was a new low point with a quarterback who was so poor it appeared as though he had never even seen the playbook before kickoff.

Really, Foles has experienced some of the most memorable moments in NFL history. His seven touchdown throws in a game are an NFL record. Only Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers have higher single-season passer ratings in NFL history than him, which he now holds. After that outstanding 2013 season, he then began to fade, only to make a comeback with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2017. The Eagles defeated the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl, and he completed 373 of his passes.

After that Super Bowl, he then started to fall off again. The Colts decided against giving Sam Ehlinger another chance when they benched Matt Ryan for the second time this season. They chose Foles, possibly believing he still possessed some magic. He refused.

In the first quarter, Foles threw two interceptions, both of which were costly. Throwing his first passes of the season, he wasn’t just rusty; he was also creaking and squeaking.

For the Colts, this has been a truly terrible season. Ryan’s quarterback career was unsuccessful. Because Jeff Saturday had no experience when he was hired, Frank Reich was fired, and the team received scorn. Nobody has looked bad because of Saturday. The biggest collapse in NFL history occurred when the Colts squandered a 33-0 lead.

Monday night wasn’t the worst of their season, but it wasn’t great either. However, it was abominably ugly.

Chargers are 9-6 overall. Any postseason opponent they face would be scared off by their talent, especially if pass rusher Joey Bosa recovers shortly. This week, he is anticipated to return to practise.

It was expected that the Colts will compete for a postseason position. Before the season began, they appeared to be the AFC South’s top squad. Instead, it has been a complete nightmare.

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