Sauce Gardner: A football prodigy

The New York Jets had a chance to make the playoffs this year, but after starting the year 7-4, the Jets lost six straight games, scoring a combined nine points in two crucial contests against the Jaguars and Seahawks that put an end to their postseason chances. With a record of 7-10, the Jets once again placed last in the AFC East, trailing 13-3 Buffalo, 9-8 Miami, and 8-9 New England.

Next season, Sauce Gardner wants to make sure that doesn’t occur. Gardner predicts that the Jets will continue to play after Week 18 in 2019.

After the Jets’ season-ending 11-6 loss in Miami, Gardner predicted that by the same time next year, “we’ll definitely be in the playoffs.”

The Jets completed their seventh consecutive losing season while also extending their postseason streak to a league-high 12 seasons. In six of those seven years, they have placed last in the division, only finishing ahead of the 5-11 Dolphins in 2019.

Gardner, who led the league in passes defended during his rookie season and is certain to win Defensive Rookie of the Year, had an outstanding season. He has already established himself as a vital part of the Jets’ franchise. He should be full of confidence given the quality of his play.

But it’s entirely reasonable to assume that for Robert Saleh and/or Joe Douglas, 2023 is “playoffs or bust.” Yes, the Jets improved this season to seven victories, but after a 7-4 start, that “improvement” doesn’t exactly stand out. Come January 2024, the Jets must have a successful season and compete at least in the Wild Card Weekend. In that case, the coaching staff for 2024 might look extremely different.

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